This is just the beginning...

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We are starting from square one

Website is up, now the real work begins. We cannot afford to make one wrong move. We will actively use our community engagement in order to progress to an obtainable and functional platform. Your voice will actually matter. Our direction will be controlled by the feedback received. Our goal is a community built and sustained platform and we will not deviate from that goal.


Positive and effective communication

We as a society have forgotten how to communicate. Change does not come easy, and those participating in it’s efforts must be held accountable. We will not allow any of the negative trends existing on current major platforms to develop on ours. If you contribute, it must meet our standard. If it does not meet the standard you willbe removed… no questions asked.

User Policy and guidelines
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Community driven content and features

Our core devotion is to provide you with content you want to see. Our contributors will deliver content weekly to provide repeatable returns to our community. If there is a feature you would like to see on our platform let us know. The platform has to be a fun, responsive, engaging and most important, a spot for like minded individuals to communicate.

Our build process

How we give back...

Starting November 2018 all proceeds* will go towards the non-profits below in monthly increments

1/7 Civ Div Campaign –

Noah’s Army –


22TillNone –

Travis Manion Foundation –

R.E.D. –

Special Operations Warrior Foundation –

Thin Blue Line –

First responder –

MJforvets –

Military Family –

Military Spouse –

* Proceeds = net revenue after expenses for website resources, contributor payments, other expenses approved by members

Payments will be made to organizations from Veteran AO Solutions LLC

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Robert Anderson

Robert “Bobby” Anderson launched in 2018 to build a brand new social media platform centered around the benefit of veterans. The purpose was to provide a platform where veterans can interact openly and freely. No algorithms, no data sharing and complete control to the user.